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Office furniture and overall design used to be very utilitarian, Hollywood gives us a clear picture of reality for most offices for the past few decades. Coveted corner offices, closed doors, secretaries perched outside ready to usher in clients or to remind their bosses of meetings, and standard furniture based on your rank within the company. Today’s offices do not have to fit into this mold, in fact HBI Office Solutions highly recommends that it does not. Instead, your workspace should fit t...
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HBi Office Solutions is a full service company that provides furniture sales, interior design, and reconfiguration for your business or community needs. We have two locations, one in Bryan/College Station and one in Huntsville, to reach clients throughout Texas. At HBi Office Solutions, we aim to help transform the given space through careful planning, casting a thoughtful vision into your space, and looking at how to best utilize the area for your given needs.
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With customers in more than 90 countries, there's no shortage of opportunities for West Elm to learn about how people want their spaces to look, feel and perform, especially with new office trends on the rise. The modern home brand is now working with Steelcase to bring its signature design aesthetic into the workplace.
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As people work longer hours and in more intense ways, many organizations are seeking to support employee wellbeing in the office. It's no secret that food can reenergize people and increase social connections. But, in the Strasbourg area of France, a start-up company called my food is encouraging companies to go a step further.
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