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Does My Office Need a Remodel?

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Outdated office designs can have a negative influence on your employees! It is known to increase stress, reduce productivity, increase doubt, and drive the younger generation to more modern options. Bring your office into 2020 by asking yourself the following questions:


What is your goal for your office?

It is hard to start planning to redesign a space if you aren’t sure what you want to do with it. If your business is growing, maybe you are looking to add more space. If you are hoping to combine departments and create larger teams for projects, maybe you need to change the layout of desk clumps or cubicles. Once you have determined your goal, then you can start creating a new space to accomplish that goal. 

How is your current layout working?

Does it come across as stiff and unwelcoming? Functionality should be a top priority when planning to redesign your layout. Make sure there is plenty of storage and organizational additions to help your employees keep their space open and free of clutter. While this keeps work areas looking good, it’s important to keep them functional by keeping pathways clear and not cramming too many people into a small department area. 

Is there space to collaborate or for privacy?

Employees are more successful within work when they have achieved a balance between their professional and personal lives. Sometimes, that means they need to get away from work stress during their break. Having some kind of multipurpose common area can create a space for collaboration, or a personal space for privacy without having to leave the office. With how heavily modern offices rely on collaboration or teamwork to succeed, a cohesive environment that can be tailored to achieve different goals could be a huge asset.


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