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4 Common Office Furniture Mistakes

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With a new year, actually a new decade, around the corner, many offices will be looking to purchase new furniture and reconfigure the layout and footprint of their space. With new goals on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to ensure your physical space will support where your organization is headed. We have a few “debunked mistakes” to keep in mind as you begin thinking about what purchases you may need to make in the near future.

What are your needs?

Your group needs to decide how much of your office will need physical reorganization before any further steps are taken. Maybe only a few offices need a refresh or maybe only certain pieces in the overall space need to be replaced. By determining your needs, you will be able to streamline any further decisions including style and price points. When evaluating, don’t forget to consider storage needs and flexible space for client meetings or remote employees who may pop in from time to time. Additionally, by knowing what needs you have, you can avoid getting caught up in making impulse buys based on aesthetics alone. 

Color does matter. 

Study after study has proven the impact color has on emotion and work habits, so take different colors, shades, and textures into consideration when looking at purchases. Not every organization has the same needs in regards to color; this study shows the different colors and how they impact different types of productivity. Keep the responses different colors emote in mind when picking office furniture and consider neutral tones with pops of color in accent pieces, wall art, or textiles that can be easily changed if needed. 

Your group can be comfortable.

Within most organizations, employees will be in the office for eight hours or more each day. It stands to reason that comfort will help your group stay focused and on task for the bulk of that time. However, comfort alone isn’t enough, support is vital to quality work and health, so ergonomics is a key component to new purchases. OSHA, when studying ergonomics, has found that one third of every workers’ compensation payout is due to injuries and issues from musculoskeletal disorders which are directly impacted by poor ergonomics. The amount of shifting, getting out of their seat, and discomfort they may feel towards a piece that is stylish or well priced will directly impact your group’s bottom lines. Test out a few sample pieces from brands you like to make sure your needs are covered. 

Plan and be thoughtful, literally.

Know the space you have and think about utilizing the space properly. Imagine how you will be using the space down the line and think about all aspects of the layout, including doors, windows, vents, and outlet configurations. Consider the size of an office, but also how the office should look when distributing to members of your team. Galido.net, an office technology blog, advises, “The better planning you do upfront, the less hassle you will have later and the easier the choice of furniture will be. If you are in any doubt, do a detailed plan on graph paper with desks cut to scale and work it out that way.” There are also high tech options for this type of planning and consulting services like HBi’s to walk you through these steps. 

To reorganize your space or plan for future growth with new goals in mind, contact HBi Office Solutions for a full range of brands, planning assistance, and expertise. We have the background to help develop your physical space to meet your needs.