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7 Tips for Maximizing Your Office Solution Budget

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We know we have many clients, friends, and community members who would love to have their entire office, business, or other large organization space completely redone by our group. By that token, we also know there are many out there who are working within one of the largest constraints to overcome, working within a budget. Thanks to one of our favorite brands to partner with, HON, we have 7 tips to maximize your budget for the largest impact.

Having a Plan

We have reiterated this in many of our articles about any changes you want to make, you must have a well thought out plan. This will help you evaluate what your actual needs are and will help you know where your budget is being spent. Working with our team in the early planning process can help you save money because we bring the background and experience in seeing how to tweak and adjust what you have and where to supplement with something new. 

Focus on Quality

It can be easy to choose a cheaper piece of furniture or something that is a bargain, but it may end up costing you more in the long run. If you are going to take the time to find options that work for your space, you want them to work for several years, not just a short amount of time before you have to research and spend on a new solution. As HON states, “while two chairs may look similar, the more expensive one may last two to three times longer. Investing upfront in higher quality can save you time and money overall.”

Long Term Planning

This recommendation is two pronged. First, you want to work with a furniture provider with a proven track record of quality craftsmanship and warranties in place in case anything does go wrong with your selection. Second, most groups are not looking to reorganize their offices in order to stagnate. Instead, look to growth that’s ahead and plan accordingly.

Working with a Dealer

We all know or have experienced times we’ve gotten in over our heads with putting together furniture or other projects in our home or work places. By buying through a dealer like ours, you are able to assure every piece is put together exactly to specifications and that installation goes smoothly. Calling in an outside installation group after the fact can be a costly decision. 

Remember Technological Needs

How to integrate the technology your business or organization needs should be part of the planning process rather than an afterthought. Consider where cords are being run from and the amount of surface area those who will be using it will need for their work. Don’t forget this applies for flex spaces and for flex workers who may be in and out of the office, too.

Total Purchase Cost Matters

When looking over your budget, remember to calculate shipping, taxes, installation, and any other charges in addition to the cost of the actual furniture. While 11% of an organization’s total budget goes to equipment and office supplies, according to HON, some of that percentage is eaten up by these not often thought of costs.

To see if your budget is ready for this investment, reach out and contact us today. We can find a solution that will help build your organization towards your goals in the new year and beyond.