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Maybe your organization has looked through our articles on flexible and updated workspaces and you agree the changes suggested are right for your company. Research backs your decision, according to one study published by Steelcase, collaboration leads to an increase in likelihood of performance and profit by up to five times. You have a design and a plan, but there is a tether holding you back from shifting to this innovative way of officing. The tether is almost a literal one, the question of how to plug in multiple devices to provide the power your employees need for their work in a flexible workspace. Steelcase has teamed with Anker and are ahead of the game, having several products to help your group’s flexible needs. 

Flex Mobile Power Creation

Steelcase and Anker have developed a mobile charging and power unit to leap over the hurdle of how to keep your devices on while moving freely around the office and beyond. The unit itself provides enough power and outlets to simultaneously charge 3 different devices. The device is so intuitive it even detects which device has the lowest power and directs most energy to provide ample support for continued work in a team setting. Consideration is also given to different users with USB-C and USB-A compatible outlets. The device holds enough power, when fully charged, which only takes 8 hours, for three users for an entire workday or for one user for a week’s worth of work.

Flex Design and Portability

Aesthetically, the Flex Mobile Power is unassuming, coming in white or black and standing at smaller than a standard shoebox. The designers used inspiration from ceramics and wanted a streamlined approach to the looks of each charger. Further, one of the principal designers, Hyun Yoo, asserts, “There’s a soft and silky feel of the finish on the main body and the handle flexes ever so slightly to give the user the impression it is responding.” Traces of texture in a pattern also add to the appearance and feel of the device. The small footprint and portability also provides the flexibility teams need for both collaborative engagement and focused, individual work. It is easy to imagine a group meeting together in a flex seating arrangement to work on their team assignment, then grabbing the Flex Mobile Power to retreat to a conference room or private work space to work on goals in a more targeted fashion. Wherever the work needs to take place, charging options can go too.

Flex Convenience

When the workday is over, a team would simply return each of the five Flex Mobile Power devices to a charging tray, which can sit on any flat surface. This tray ensures the devices are ready for your team the next day, whether being used for office tasks, for team collaboration, for meetings outside the office, or for breaks during lunch. Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations, one of the creators of the charger is excited to further liberate work from desks. He argues, “at some point, those devices will need to be charged, and then you’re back at your desk. […] Now teams will be able to free themselves from the constant desk-to-meeting cycle, and work anywhere they want.”

To find out more about this device and more that Steelcase has to offer, contact HBi Office Solutions today. We are ready to help your organization’s space provide the flexibility and the power you need.