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10 Layout Ideas That Will Leave Your Client’s Envious

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In addition to the multiple shifts in furniture design we’ve written about recently, there are shifts in the actual layout of offices that can really speak to the employees, clients, and anyone who steps foot in your work space. HBi lists 10 different ways to think about your work space and layout to recharge and refocus your organization.


The Newsroom

A key feature of the newsroom layout involves large clusters of desks, flexible seating, and open space to allow for movement, hustle, and bustle. The layout allows for communication and for collaborative work to take place. In order to convert an existing office space, it would be necessary to remove cubicle and room dividers, to shift desks into clusters of varying sizes, and to add in additional seating options.


The Startup

The startup concept is ideal for companies and organizations with a large amount of flexibility in their schedules and work habits. A great component of using this layout is the varying types of workspaces themselves, from standing laptop desks to traditional tables and chairs to couches, having multiple options means meeting the needs of your employees. You may pilfer from existing areas of your workspace to shift towards different types of seating, but encourage employees to be flexible with workspace depending on their current task.


The Library

There are some organizations and some positions within organizations where the ability to quietly focus on specific projects or entire days of work is necessary. The library layout features small cubes, nooks, and the ability to close off certain areas as needed. Small conference rooms can be utilized for this style or using rolling screens or whiteboards to close off cubes at certain times can provide the privacy needed.


The Artist Loft

The artist loft is perfect for companies who are involved in creative work which can feed off the energy of those closest to them. Long narrow rows of tables provide individual work space, but close quarters to bounce ideas back and forth. Décor should involve pops of color and space to create, like whiteboards or other erasable surfaces.


The Innovation Lab

For a company that desires to be on the cutting edge of their market and wishes to pursue new ideas, the innovation lab encourages outside the box thinking in it’s physical space. Using screens to cluster certain work groups together provides an “inviting, half-open, half-closed meeting space” according to Ashley Bell, contributing writer for snacknation.com. Additionally, encouraging the exchange of ideas throughout the workspace is vital. Posing creative thinking questions, displaying problems seeking solutions within the company, and promoting a culture of the evolution of ideas can be components of the innovation lab as well.


The Light-Filled Office

The light-filled office involves a trend we are seeing across many aspects of design. This is a great way to alter space when on a smaller budget, simply by utilizing windows, lighting, new bulbs, and mirrors in a thoughtful way. Multiple sources of light can give employees options depending on their needs throughout the day and light creates increased productivity and happiness in workers. In fact, research done by Staples found that 68% of employees would feel more valued by their employers if more suitable lighting was provided.


The Fit Office

When looking at the holistic health of employees, having opportunities for movement is key. The fit office layout provides space for stretching, walking, or even entire rooms devoted to movement. The fit office is especially beneficial for employees who carry nervous energy or are simply extra energetic, allowing them quick intervals of time to move and relax. If a full gym space with equipment isn’t an option, designating a corner with a few posters of HIIT exercises or stretch poses can serve the same needs.


The Grown-Up Classroom

For businesses where growth and team building is at the core of their goals, the grown-up classroom has merit. Employees can benefit from learning about other departments, about personal growth and development, or leadership techniques. For this layout, there should be multiple writing spaces, flexible seating, and space for presentations to take place. Painting a few select walls with drywall paint can spur presentations and teaching opportunities even in informal settings.


The Motivational Office

The motivational office can be a great way to refresh an office space where the layout may already physically work. By adding motivational phrases with paint, stenciling, or vinyl, employees can easily visualize the positive direction they should be headed in. Another option is to integrate branding from your organization in similar ways to reflect the culture you are trying to promote.


The Mixture Office

Some of these options listed above can be implemented together. Work with teams or the larger group to decide which methods and layouts will work best for your organization and get to work revamping your office today.

If you would like help and assistance in pursuing one or more of these layouts for your organization, HBi Office Solutions would love to help. We can help evaluate which design would be best for your needs and can help create and implement a plan to bring that design to fruition. Contact us today for more information on how we can position your office for change.