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Most businesses want to maximize productivity. In fact, we would guess that all businesses are interested in maximizing productivity, leading to profits, employee satisfaction, and better customer engagement. While there are numerous studies in how to increase productivity in regards to the training and development of employees, there is also much to be said about increasing productivity with tweaks and alterations to your physical workspace. In fact, HBi can make small changes in your office th...
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Whether you are entering into a new space, your business needs are growing, or you simply feel like you need to freshen up, reorganizing your workspace can be an exciting endeavor. For some, it can also be a daunting one. The emphasis, on any redesign, should focus on “being lean and flexible”, according to Alan Feltoon, managing principal at a Washington D.C. based architecture firm. Before jumping to action, tearing down cubicle walls and pushing desks out the door, there are several questio...
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Multiple aspects go into selecting what you purchase for any space you occupy. Whether you are choosing form over function, looking for particular aesthetics, working within the space you have, or a number of other factors, everyone has a list that drives them in their decisions. Ultimately, the products you choose for your business or workspace, should function in specific ways. A key aspect to take into consideration is ergonomics.
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